Reconnecting with family- Mount Currie

In March 2018, a group of individuals living in the DTES and a Registered Nurse founded Health Through Spirit. Guided by lived experience, our aim was to explore definitions of health as defined by women in the DTES.

During our first year we engaged in a broad range of activities and conversations to explore health.  This included peer led fundraising to create opportunities for employment and recreation and support in reconnection with family and navigating the medical and psychiatric system.

Through these experiences our focus naturally centered heavily on supporting individuals through the distress experienced within the mental health system and in May 2019, we changed our name to Society of Pillars for individuals Receiving Involuntary Treatment (SPIRIT), narrowed our focus and expanded our team.

We now facilitate peer-led dialogues and initiatives and offer trauma support and advocacy in solidarity with individuals who experience the justice and mental health system on the basis of Mental Health.

Our aim is for the voices of individuals receiving involuntary treatment to affect change.  We are no longer a women-only organization and network with all individuals living in the DTES who have experienced involuntary treatment at some point.