Meals to the Community

SPIRIT has a great team serving food and hydration to the folks living outside during COVID-19.

Providing consistent employment to individuals who experience our mental health system has been the top identified goal of all of our members with lived experience.

Providing meals to those who are both unhoused and to those who are on the streets more due to guest bans has been an opportunity we are appreciative to have.

Outreach Wound Management

In recognition that both mental health and system trauma can cause barriers to accessing care; we are expanding service in response to COVID-19, by pairing with physicians via virtual care and providing outreach wound management to those without primary care or for those who have barriers to accessing it. This is in an effort to prevent worsening conditions and minimize unessential trips to the Emergency Room.

Our team includes a Registered Nurse with wound management training, peer support.

We are grateful to DTES Response and the Community Impact Estate Society for the funding and support to carry out this important work.